We at Iyanar Infotech offer a wide range of opportunities to participate in the growth and development of the organization by soliciting /by allowing/granting the individuals/candidates to draw upon their expertise and knowledge. Creative solutions and innovations are the constituent ingredients/fundamental elements of a successful career in an IT-enabled company like Iyanar Infotech.

Want to be a part of our happy team? If you’re a passionate, talented and an avid team player, then we have the perfect role for you.

What we expect: We are looking for passionate, energized and skilled individuals with the right attitude and mental flair for working in team based job profiles.

What we deliver: A caring, yet fiercely competitive environment is what we have to offer. Hard work and merit never go unnoticed in our organization. Prove yourself in work; recognition is bound to end up in front of you.

What we do: Through training and exposure to new technologies, we nurture and groom our employees to keep them updated/abreast of the rapidly changing technology environment in which we operate/work.

Working with Iyanar Infotech is not just a Job. It is a journey, an experience of a lifetime. We strongly believe that the achievements of our organization are the result of the combined efforts of every individual; ergo we are always looking for the right people to deliver excellence in their performance.